Suburban condo

Suburban condo design

Schaumburg, IL

This one bedroom condominium needed a face lift. My client loves transitional style. We decide to mix and match traditional details with modern furniture. This interior is warm and cozy and inviting.

DSC_0204_Fotor DSC_0211_Fotor DSC_0269_Fotor DSC_0273_Fotor

DSC_0217_Fotor DSC_0218_Fotor DSC_0221_Fotor DSC_0229_FotorDSC_0236_Fotor DSC_0239_FotorDSC_0247_Fotor DSC_0248_Fotor DSC_0249_Fotor DSC_0258_Fotor DSC_0257_Fotor DSC_0255_Fotor

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