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How to keep your kitchen clean on daily bases?

Ask your family to put dishes directly into dishwasher. That way you won’t have a pile of glasses sitting in your sink until you have ton of time to clean it up. Messy sink is the worse when it comes to keeping your kitchen nice and clean.

Dedicate a drawer for your bills and incoming mail, where it will wait until you have time to look at it.

Only keep your small appliances on the counter like coffee maker, toaster or kettle. If you don’t have a lot of space in the cabinets to hide your spices or cooking utensils install a rail where you can hang baskets for storage. Keeping counters clear will make your kitchen appear bigger and cleaner.

Go through your pots and pans, inspect them. If they are burned and unable to be cleaned, get rid of it. Using those is dangerous for your health, when the material is scratched it causes chemicals to spread out.

Eliminate magnets from your fridge, or move them to the side where it’s not visible when you enter the kitchen. Paper hanging on your fridge creates busy visual for your quests.

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