How to remodel your basement on the budget

There are more than enough options out there. How to select what you need for your basement might be tough. Start with preparing a list of things you’d like to replace, buy or renovate. After your list is complete, start your research.  By keeping track on what is on your list you are staying within your planed budget. If you are replacing your flooring, start with searching the best flooring type for your basement. You can choose from, hardwood, laminate, tile to vinyl flooring depending on your budget. Vinyl flooring is the least expensive option and it still looks good. After you have selected your flooring, search for furniture, cabinetry, laundry storage and etc. You can buy ready pieces of storage that will fit your space, or order custom made. Custom made cabinets are great, because you can design your own pieces that will accommodate your needs, for example: store your vacuum, laundry detergents and cleaning supplies. Another great feature of custom made piece is that you choose the finish, color and style that match your space. On the other hand those are more pricey.

Basements are typically darker and has not as tall ceiling as the rest of the house. Therefore, I recommend low profile furniture, to create more airy feel. You must remember that darker finishes and furniture will make your space appear smaller and darker. If you have a lot of natural light in your basement, you have more options to choose from. Once you have your furniture selected, it’s time to pick a wall colors. You will paint your basement before furniture comes in, but after researching what you’d like to get, you have an idea of the color and style. Take your flooring and furniture into consideration when selecting your wall paint. If you are leaning towards more traditional style, select colors from beige family. If you are creating more modern feel to your basement, choose colors that are grey variations.

Lastly, you get to choose décor and accessories. Your pillow, throws and rugs should be comfortable and pleasant to your eye. You want your basement to feel welcoming and cozy for your whole family and visitors. To limit your spending on decor, look into your storage and through the rest of the house to see if you can find anything that can be used in your basement.

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Source: Grace Hill Design

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