Decorating tips for your rental space

Many landlords won’t allow yout to change wall color in rental apartment. This shouldn’t stop you to live comfortable and stylish. There are many other ways to personalize and transform your space. Bring in contrast elements like furniture pieces and artwork. Artwork is a great way to cover white walls with hint of color. Add curtains to dress up your windows, pillows and blankets for your sofa. For additional lighting, you can use free standing floor lamps or table lamps. Nothing makes your home more alive than fresh flowers. If you are in need for additional storage, go to your local flea market. That furniture can get a fast makeover with fresh coat of paint. Nothing feels more satisfying than your own renovated piece of furniture in your own living room.

If you are fan of more monochromatic palette, it’s even easier, but you have to remember to make the place feel cozy with textiles and accessories otherwise it will feel cold and unwelcoming.

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renter hacks

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rental hacks

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renter hacks

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