How to design multifunctional room?

If you live in apartment or a small house, you might struggle with lack of space. If there are more people in your household than there are rooms, you need some solutions. Depending on what is the need of space for your activity, consider your living room as work workplace. Find the best spot for small desk where you can keep your laptop and notebook. In multipurpose rooms you might want to separate the areas, you can do that by placing a low height bookshelf, to define the areas.

10 Perfect Living Room Home Office Nooks: Short on Space but Not Style:

source: Alpha Smoot

source; Kim

Living Room with Separated Dining Area in Maayan Zusman's Apartment in Tel Aviv |

source: Deezen

String shelving with desk in Scandinavian living room:

source: Decor dots

Cozy home with a brick wall - via

source: Coco Lapine design

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