Wallpaper and modern design

Modern design has no limitations. There are different finishes, colors and accessories that are consider modern. Modern has a very broad meaning in today’s design. In this post I wanted to highlight wallpapers. They have a totally new meaning than many years ago. I’m sure you remember your grandma’s bedroom covered all in flowery wallpaper. Those days are over (thankfully). In today modern design wallpapers are use to bring interest into the space. They are covering the most of one wall in the room to create a focal point. They are often used in powder rooms and kids room. Wallpapers are durable and easy to maintain, that’s why we love to use them.

Geometric Flower Pattern Self Adhesive Vinyl Wallpaper by Livettes, $34.00:

source: Etsy.com

source: Emma Fiala

Large Graphic Herringbone Shuffle Allover Modern Wall Stencil for Easy Stenciled DIY Decor:

source; Etsy.com

Jaimee Rose Interiors, 20 Best Farmhouse Bathrooms

source: Jaimiee Rose

Rustic Modern Mudroom

source: Project farm


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